Leather Quality

Full-Grain Leather (1st Tier)
Lauded as possibly the most premium grade of leather available, the tough and sturdy Full-Grain Leather is remarkably durable. This leather is crafted from the topmost layer of the hide and it does not undergo any buffing nor sanding. A rich, natural feel is given off as it beautifies with frequent usage. Any product fashioned from Full-Grain Leather is definitely worth your investment— you can be assured that it would last you a lifetime.

Top-Grain Leather (2nd Tier)
This second-highest grade of leather is transformed from a blemished hide into a refined material through refinishing and sanding off strong fibers. Top Grain Leather has a great finish but it does not age well, developing an inconsistency in its color over time. Although not as durable as Full Grain Leather, this “middle-of-the-road” leather can be found in a wide range of purses and wallets produced by reputable designer brands.

Genuine Leather (3rd Tier)
Genuine Leather is manufactured from the layers of hide that remain after the top layers have been split off to make better grade leathers. These layers are glued and its top surface spray painted in order to give it the glow of a higher grade leather. Products made from it would not be the most aesthetically pleasing, nor would they have the potential to last as long as their higher-grade counterparts. This leather is mainly found in belts, shoes and bags sold in department stores.

Leather To Avoid

Bonded Leather
Recycled leather glued together to form one piece. This will result in leather surface becoming flaky after awhile. 
Patent Leather
Leather treated for a glossy plastic finish. 
Corrected Grain Leather
Low quality leather printed with fake grain

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