Better latte than never

One Sunday morning, I was reading a book by a author named Jea Ng.
she wrote this in her book titled "Latte to LATHI"....

"For the past 10 years, Yeh Yeh lived in a home for persons with dementia..... .....I looked at closely at him and tried my best to capture a high-definition memory of Yeh Yeh's every word and action, as it could possibly be the last time I saw him alive.... ....The phrase 'may Your angels watch over her' brought back to mind the times Yeh Yeh used to pray for my brothers and me when we were children. Because of his dementia, somewhere along the way, we lost the tradition"


Reading this strike a reminder that my parents will eventually pass on & surrender their identity card (I/C) back to the government. What am I doing for them in this life to thank them for this life that I am living now. Its a grace that's present daily that's sustains me to wake up everyday to be able say good morning to my dad & mum. Sometime work overrules my time spent with them just watching television or just seating together in the living room. 

Hopefully one day when my parents can't work in the society, they could still help me out in simple tasks in my biz. I think to be able to do things together as a family is a blessing. My prayer to my readers is that your family & you will stay healthy and have happy moments, sad moments and memorable moments together before all is gone. 

Todah Atelier

Ben Wu