The Bespoke Technique
Todah believes in valuing our customers. From the type of leather and thread colour to the finest of details, we make every effort to ensure that each product is exclusive to the individual. If you have an idea or design that is not found on our list, bespoke is the made-to-order approach that will help you bring it to life.


First Milestone (0% payment)
Enquiries from the customer gets sent in for us to understand his/her specific needs.

Second Milestone (30% payment)
The customer is presented with the proposed design and subsequently the prototype of the product. The prototype will be made with paper.

Final Milestone (70% payment)
The prototype design is now confirmed. The customer will then choose the materials needed to craft the product upon consultation with the leather craftsman. This includes the type of leather, thread colour, edge paint colour and hardware (if required). Once all is finalised, leather crafting will commence when payment is received. Production will take between 2-4 weeks. Lastly, the customer’s choice of name or initials will be either embossed or gold stamped onto the product for a personalised finish.

*100% payment to be made upon completion of final product

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